Need to decipher “The Present”

In a world where everyone and everything in your surroundings has an inclination of thoughts and actions towards working out a plan for a better future – a future of one’s dream & imagination, a future where he/she is in control . Everyone seems so much into deciphering the future, they all forget to decipher the present.

What is present – It essentially is the very moment one is breathing in. It is most powerful manifestation of life forces forming the ultimate basis of one’s existence. One’s physical existence always remains in the present – then why people tend to be in past or future in their minds and thoughts creating such a conflict between one’s physical and mental state of being.

This very divide in the mental and physical states of one’s being serve as a basis of all miseries, all complaints and continuous mental noises that arise from the Non-acceptance of what is called as present.

Then the question is why to live with such insanity, why to bear all this negativity…

There is absolutely no need. All stress, all complications arise when one is here in the present but is being ignorant of it and want to be there meaning one is not accepting the present. In such scenarios it is always advisable to observe one’s own inner self and take action accordingly. If the present is making one uneasy and unhappy then one should either try to totally remove oneself from that situation. If removal is not an option then either change the situation or accept it completely. In all of these choices one would succeed in acknowledging the present and eliminate any stress arising out of Non-acceptance of the now.

Similarly one should be very watchful and shouldn’t be holding on past until that is highly relevant to the present . Past is gone and nothing can be done to change it in anyway. The reference to past should only be when it serves as a source of learning and aid the present with positive outcomes.

One should always be aware of the fact that this very moment – The present is the key to have a glorious past and a bright future. A well spent present becomes a satisfactory past and opens the door to wonderful future. So live in present, be totally aware of the now, enjoy the flow of time and energy in the present with zero negativity & great positivity. Take all needed insightful timely actions . With this way and approach towards life, Be assured of a state of great inner piece of mind having physical and mental Harmony which creates positive, peaceful and pleasent flow of life energy resulting in a satisfactory & meaningful life for oneself.


From Marginal to Mighty : Journey of Humans – The Beginning

History in its essence is just a story of how one species had conquered an entire planet and formed so intricate social, cultural and religious structures along the way. The initial plot of this journey dates back to around 2.5 million years ago in the then east Africa. This was the time when first of its kind , Humans evolved from the family of the great apes. Biology do classify organisms in species. Animals said to belong to same species when they tend to mate with each other and are capable of giving birth to fertile offsprings. Species originated from a common ancestors are bunched under heading “Genus”. So when we refer to Homo Sapiens that means species Sapiens of Genus Homo.

We Sapines did not only had close relatives like Chimpanzee and Gorrila but also had many siblings. But all others were either driven to extinction or failed to adopt to the test of time. Sonehow they all were pushed to oblivion leaving us Sapiens behind along with some bones , tools and lots of unanswered questions.

What was so special about this species which made it a favorite of Evolution and boosted it’s dominance on the planet??

Stay tuned to find out ..!!

LITERATURE:The Mirror of Society

Literature is the powerful expression of human conscience .While it can strike at the ugliness of society ,at the same time it also contains the nice philosophy of life.Literature is like whole sea in a pot.The appeal of literature is widest possible and longest lasting.It is wit of one man and wisdom of millions.This is nothing but the miracle of literature that few sentences spoken or written makes a person popular and immortal.

But what is the foundation of literary creations???….It is sincerity of Imagination.Our personality can only be enriched by imaginative contact with other times,other places and people.It teaches us the religion of humanity.It is an instrument of the progressive refinement and enrichment of life.It is literature which is responsible for the development of mankind from barbarism to civilization.We can not imagine a world without literature.Humanity will die,if literature dies.

So my dear friends,in this era of technology be in touch with literature to keep your emotions alive,to keep you on the track of progress and to keep your humanity alive.

Good Night friends…will meetagain soon:-)

ऊँ ध्वनि

सृष्टि के आरंभ से अब तक, हर इक कण मे, हर इक क्षण मे,

प्रकृति के मनोरम उपवन मे, जीवन पथ के दुर्गम रण मे,

ऊँ ध्वनि की पावन महीमा, रहती सदा जन जन के मन मे।

बच्चे की कीलकारी हो, या सरगम के स्वरों की मधुर ध्वनि ,

नदियों झरनों का कल कल ध्वनि, मनोभावीनी अति बनी।

ऊँ ध्वनि है परमात्मा का पावन अविनाशी प्रतिक,

सिर्फ इसपे मन केन्द्रीत कर, मानव का हो सकता जीवन व्यतीत।

ध्वनि रूप कर्म से मुक्त, शब्द के पंख मार, कर सके सुदूर मनोनभ में जन के विहार,

ध्वनि जड़ चेतन की सीमाओं के आर पार, झंकृत भविष्य का सत्य कर सके स्वराकार।

ध्वनि ज्योतित कर जन मन के जीवन का अंधकार,

ध्वनि खोल सके मानव उर के निःशब्द द्वार

ऊँ ध्वनि पर मानव का विश्वास कभी भी ना कम हो,

परमात्मा के ऊँ ध्वनि की सदा सर्वदा ही जय हो।।


जीवन पथ

चाहे हृदय को ताप हो,

मित्रों से बीछर संताप हो।

फिर भी मनूज का हर समय कर्तव्य पथ पर ध्यान हो,

भविष्य की ओर प्रयाण हो ।

मन मे कोई भी भाव हो,

भावनाओं के मजधार हो,

पर कर्तव्य पालन ही मनूजता का,

सर्वकालीक प्रयाय हो।।

Elixir : Express to Excel

The most exquisite portrayals on this vast canvas of human life are those filled with eloquent colours of human emotions and expressions. Expressions which take forms of poetry, litrery creations , paintings, music, opinions are not only a way to depict one’s perspective but also enlighten,entertain and energize those who come it’s way.The appeal of human expressions in various forms of arts is widest possible and longest lasting. These are wit of one and wisdom of millions. Expressing out yourself in your choice of art will sharpen your thinking, refine your perspective and emblazon your creativity  .Let Your art fill others with positivity.  Let your imaginations be instrumental in shaping others perspective. Let all your expressions and interactions be an Elixir for others , to energize them, preserve theirs faiths, refine their focus and boost their own expressions.


क्या जींदगी का फलसफा, कैसा सफर ये है बता

गंतव्य क्या, क्या रास्ता, सच नीहित किसमे ये बता।

कर्तव्य क्या, अधिकार क्या, है इस सफर का ध्येय क्या,

चलते सभी इस पर मगर, है चलने का अभिप्राय क्या।

सदियों से चलती आ रही, सदियों तक चलती जाएगी,

जीवन सफर का मर्म,  जाने कब मनूजता पाएगी।।

  इस सफर मे दिल की इस ,उलझन का कोई हल बताये,

जिसे भूलना कोई चाहे, उसी की याद क्यूँ  सताये ।